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Environmental Engineer

Job Description: a. Assist PM with all aspects of site investigation and remediation, from workplans to final remedial documents. b. Conduct field work under the direction of a PM to investigate the nature and extent of contaminated soil, sediment, groundwater and other media c. Field work will include oversight of sub-contractors including drillers and laboratories during soil boring advancement and monitoring well installation, and sampling various media including soil, groundwater sediment and air d. Conduct municipal, state, and federal file reviews to assist in the compilation of data and information for the property investigation or remediation of projects e. Supervise and complete Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for EPA Approval. f. Assist Environmental staff with report preparation to include reviewing laboratory analytical data, interpreting, and tabulating data and preparing tables, soil boring logs, figures and text
Area of Interest:  Engineering
Location:  Gilgit   
Degree/Education:  MSc Environmental Engineering/ Sciences
Experience Required:  15 yrs, Preferably 8 yrs in similar work /position in DAM/HPP