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Contract Manager

Job Description: a. Assist site teams, regarding application of contract clauses b. Prepare bidding documents for subcontractors. c. Prepare payment certificates. d. Control progress of works and initiate corrective measures. e. Prepare monthly progress reports. f. Prepare project completion report for contractual portion. g. Advise on settlement of claims and disputes and process variation orders. h. Prepare Rate Analysis, Estimates Sublet Contract / rate approval. i. Evaluate/ Prepare execution plans submitted by planning manager. j. Manage work of contract branch (Rate Analysis Sec, Sublet Section and Claim Section) k. Develop a system for preparation & archiving of contractual documents l. Prepare and follow-up EOT cases and other claim to consultant / Client. m. Any other task assigned by superiors.
Area of Interest:  Administration
Location:  Bannu   
Degree/Education:  BSc Engineering (Civil)
Experience Required:  10 yrs, Preferably 5 yrs in Building/ Roads Construction