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Project Manager

Job Description: Prime responsibility is to ensure: - (1) Timely completion of project (2) Physical & Financial progress of the project. (3) Liaison with Client/ Consultant regarding all matters of Project (4) Contract Operations/ Management (5) Quality assurance in all aspects of project b. Preparation of PEP c. Project execution as per approved PEP d. Ensure following fin aspects of proj including:- (1) Preparation of detailed cost estimates / bids (2) Budget management (3) Cost control (4) Capital program management e. Periodic review of PEP and processing of all plans, schedules, variation orders etc to consultants. f. Reviewing and processing of all payments to contractors / suppliers and operating expenses. g. Develop and implement all policies, standards, or procedures for engineering and technical works
Area of Interest:  Administration
Location:  Nowshera   
Degree/Education:  BSc Engineering (Civil)
Experience Required:  20 yrs, Preferably Army Retd (Lt Col / Col) with 10 yrs in Building / Roads Construction