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Manager (Tech)

Job Description: To carry out technical scrutiny of work order for civ workshop / contractors for repair work To carry out technical inspection of equipment as per requirement To prepare documents for pre-qualification of contractor for carrying out repair unit level. Assist units by supervising repairs of Cl2 vehicles / equipment Prepare off-road state of vehicle / equipment monthly basis To prep annual performance report of each enrolled contract on the basis of cost versus performance of each repair carried out during the year To monitor progress of repair carried out by various units and to keep the management informed Forward progress report about repairs to tech branch of HQ FWO for the info of Management on quarterly basis. To obtain data from various firms regarding latest models / production in the market (indigenous / foreign) To implement technical policy / directive from EME branch To prepare misuse and neglect report and investigate defects. Any other task assigned by the supervisor
Area of Interest:  Administration
Location:  Karachi  ,  Peshawar 
Degree/Education:  Bachelors of Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Experience Required:  15-20 Year Experience OR Lt Col / Maj (Retd) from Corps of EME