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  • 2. Disable candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • 3. Job details may be subject to future amendments.

Material Engineer

Job Description: • To analyze data and lab test results to determine causes of problem and develop solutions. • To design and supervise the testing of materials in road /branch construction and ensure effective control over the procedures. • To plan and implement lab operations for the purpose of developing material and technical procedures that meets the client/consultants’ standards. • To evaluate technical specifications and eco factors in maintaining a lab and conduct of various tests. • To ensure the quality of sub-base and aggregate base course material as per the general spec provided by the client. • To ensure that asphaltic JMF (Job Mix Formula) is as per the standard of the client. • Supervise the collection of soil, concrete and asphalt for lab testing. • To prepare and submit check request for the work done on site. • Ensure regular repair and maintenance of lab equipment.
Area of Interest:  Engineering
Location:  Lahore  ,  Islamabad 
Degree/Education:  BSc Geologist or Master/ relevant field
Experience Required:  5-6 yrs Experience OR Ex-Army Person from Corps of Engr