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Finance Dte is responsible for handling all financial aspects of the projects being conducted in all groups and units. Finance Dte also conducts financial modeling of projects along with internal and external audit of FWO. Director Finance heads the Dte with a team comprising of financial and accounting expertise.


Logistics department manages all the planning, acquisition and movement of the equipment, machinery and manpower. All the administrative and logistic support to all Gps/Dtes is provided by this Dte. Director Logistics heads the Dte with diverse teams from management and technical professional.


Plans Dte is mainly responsible for acquiring projects from various agencies, writing proposals, EOIs, respond to advertisements, participate in biding, submit proposals, develop project plans. This department is headed by the Director with a team comprising of management and technical professional.


Ops Dte is mainly responsible for monitoring and evaluation of projects. This Dte remains connected with all groups and units throughout the project execution phase. Director ops supervises the project monitoring and evaluation team comprising of management and technical professionals.

Information Technology

This Dept. is responsible for providing technological connectivity of each group and unit with the HQ. IT Dept. manages various project based modules along with the comprehensive electronic project management system of FWO. Project Management Module has automated the working of FWO to a large extent.

Human Resource

Mainly responsible to manage the human resource of FWO. This department is responsible for identification, attraction, retention and development of employees. Additionally, Health & Safety branch also forms part of HR dept. for ensuring the safe working environment for employees.

Consultancy Cell

This cell is responsible for the provision of assistance to all groups in mitigation of technical issues regarding Geotechnical, Highways, Airfields etc. Consultancy cell also deals with projects of national disaster such as Attabad Landslide, Gyari and performs as a liaison channel between different formations .

Foreign Project Cell

Foreign project cell is responsible for seeking and acquiring international projects. Majority of the cell is heavily committed in acquiring projects is in Saudi Arabia. For that, FWO has created its LLC in Saudi Arabia which is in its infancy stage and documentation is under process.

Project Monitoring & Evaluation

PM & E cell is responsible to monitor and evaluate ongoing projects in all units and groups. It is responsible for evaluating the financial & technical health of the projects based on the criterion formulated by them. This cell is also responsible for preparing progress reports or each project for management.